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Over 1,000,000 people read the blog and tune in to our podcast The Productivity Show to become more productive. Whether you want to crush your to-do list, achieve your goals in record time, automate your repetitive tasks, or have more free time...you’ve come to the right place. In the past eleven  years, we’ve helped over 15,129 clients (from all walks of life and age groups) achieve their goals and become more productive. We want you to be the next success story.

At Asian Efficiency we believe that you should be able to do everything you want in the limited time that you have without having to sacrifice your health, family, and things that matter to you. We take a different approach than most “productivity gurus” and methodologies talk about.

Our promise is very simple: for every hour you invest, you will get at least two hours back.

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#1 There’s no perfect productivity system

Most productivity gurus will say that their productivity method is the only way to be effective and get things done. We believe in taking a holistic approach to productivity where you optimize different areas of your life to live a productive life. By optimizing your time, energy, and attention you can be ultra-productive without knowing any productivity method or system.

#2 Everything is simple and actionable

A lot of content on the Internet and in books is fluff and not actionable. At Asian Efficiency we make everything simple and actionable. Anytime you consume any of our materials, you’re guaranteed that it’s actionable and easy to implement so you get fast results.

#3 Designed for the modern world

Everything we publish works in today’s technological and fast-paced environment. We don’t believe in using tickler files, outdated technology, tools or recommending something that might have worked in the 90s. Whenever we release something, you can be assured that it works for the modern world and knowing that you’re not perfect.

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The Asian Efficiency Story

In 2008, I dropped out of college and started as an entry-level marketing associate at a life coaching business in Los Angeles, CA. Through sheer hard work, working long days and my commitment for excellence, they promoted me to be the VP of marketing.

I was now responsible for team members, top-line revenue, vendors, and clients. The business was growing fast and my life got busier. Work started to slowly creep into my personal life and before I knew it I was working on the weekends and pulling 80-hour weeks.

A few months into my promotion, we started to lose our top clients, revenue was declining and team members were complaining about my poor performance as a leader. My boss told me, “If you don’t get your act together, you’re out.”

My default reaction was to work harder to fix the situation but I was already working as much as I could and only sleeping 3-4 hours a night. What else could I do to fix this?

It hit me.

I had to work smarter and be more productive with the limited time I had. If I could get everything done in the time I had, it would solve everything. So I started to study productivity as much as I could. In the limited time that I had, I devoured books, seminars, audiotapes, and workshops to figure out how to be ultra-productive. Some things that they taught kind of worked for me, some didn’t work at all, and some pieces of advice made my life worse. After going through dozens of experiments and trying different productivity methodologies, I finally figured what worked for me.

With the new productivity skills and workflows, I was able to get ahead at work for the first time and get everything done in a normal 40-hour workweek (while the demand at work stayed the same). In one year I was able to read 35 books, finish 21 audiobooks and lose 20 lbs. People in the company asked me if I could teach them what I discovered and help them be more productive.

After conducting a few training sessions, team members found themselves being much more productive and they encouraged me to share these insights with the rest of the world. One team member said, “Thanh, that asian efficiency stuff you’re teaching us is gold and the rest of the world needs this too!”

That’s how this blog got started in 2011 as a passion project with a weekly productivity newsletter and blog post. Fast forward to today, we now have over 1,000,000 people reading the blog and listen to our podcast The Productivity Show. In the past decade, we’ve helped over 15,129 clients achieve their goals and double their productivity through our online courses, coaching, and workshops. We now have a team of multiple productivity experts and coaches with different backgrounds helping people, like you, be more accomplished in less time.

How Asian Efficiency Can Help You

Our promise is very simple: for every hour you invest, you will get at least two hours back.

We offer free content on our newsletter, the blog and on our podcast The Productivity Show that helps you become more productive. We give away some of our best content for free so you can experience the power of what we teach. To accelerate your results and get the transformation you seek, we have online courses, coaching, and in-person workshops.

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You are creative, effective and supportive. I have learned more from this organization than all other productivity organizations combined. I owe my success, current and future, to you!

Scott MacIntyre
Vice President of Retail Sales

There are so many productivity programs and apps and methods. AE filters through to find the best of the best and puts them in one place. The courses allow me to work at my own pace. The blogs, podcasts, and newsletters keep me going toward my goals.

Sandy Lenichek
Registered Nurse